Mar 15

COVID-19 state of situation and instructions to be observed

We, at this moment, wish to share important information in connection with the current situation concerning the coronavirus named COVID-19.

Know first of all that, so far, no case has been diagnosed positive or even suspected among our residence. However, we are in prevention mode to this end, knowing as the elderly are particularly at risk of COVID-19, we are suspending all visits to the entire residence until further notice. Exceptionally, visits to residents in palliative care will be accepted following communication and authorization from the treating nurse. A member of our team will also be posted at the main entrances to help comply with this instruction, and we are counting on your cooperation.

If the situation changes and suspected or diagnosed cases arise, our local action plan is ready, and we would be able to respond to the situation.

We offer an instant messaging service (text and instant messaging). This communication service will allow us to inform you of our intervention plan concerning COVID-19, coronavirus. To take advantage of it now, you can go to our website and subscribe at or use the link below.

Thank you in advance for the attention you will give to this, and to respect the measures indicated, receive, Madam, Sir, the assurance of our best feelings.

Benoit Lellouche

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