Comfort and quality of life

A full range of room service is available to residents to ensure their comfort and quality of life.

A janitor is responsible for the maintenance of our two residences.  He is qualified to do repairs, paint and handle other small jobs.

Our team of auxiliary resources is responsible for housekeeping.  It ensures the cleanliness of the rooms, common areas and the healthcare unit.  For residents living in self-contained apartments, housekeepers are available upon request.

Another team is responsible for the maintenance of personal clothing, bed linens and towels.

A healthy and balanced diet

A balanced diet and optimal hydration are indispensable factors that contribute to a comfortable quality of life.

To meet the nutritional needs of the elderly which can change according to age, Les Résidences Floralies offers a food service tailored to the tastes and habits of its residents, as well as to their changing needs.

Our chef, who trained at the Institut d’hôtellerie, applies menus established jointly by a nutritionist and a residents’ committee.  All meals are prepared and served at the table by our staff that welcomes residents to the dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal: that every meal becomes a moment of relaxation and satisfaction.

Snacks are offered every afternoon, making this a special time to meet friends and get together in a social setting with other residents.


The safety of our residents is a priority in our residences and the following statement underlines the importance we place on this:  « The safety of our residents first and foremost. » For the protection of our residents, each of our residences includes the following services and features:

call bells: in each unit (apartment or room), a communication system allows residents to call for help, while the call bell alerts staff in case of emergency and a need for immediate assistance.

smoke detectors and sprinklers: our two residences have smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers and fire doors throughout the buildings, all in accordance with the standards of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ). Each unit is also equipped with a fire alarm panel with the latest technology, with a communication system connected directly to the municipal fire department, which in an emergency allows for remote control and a more rapid intervention of firefighters.

evacuation plan: we have an evacuation plan in case of emergency.  A copy of the plan can be found on each floor near the elevators.

nursing home healthcare unit (CHSLD): these units are secure. Wandering off or other unauthorized exits are very rare since it takes an access code to be able to exit.

insurance: we assume the cost of liability insurance, but each resident must pay the cost of insuring their own personal property.


contact us

Would you like more information about our accommodation solutions?


Joanne Iasenza
Conseillère en Location
1 438 396-6121


Make an appointment with one of our General Managers:


Résidence Floralies Lachine
France Therrien | General Manager


Résidences Floralies LaSalle
Marie Rose Nkurunzia | General Manager
514 363-8200

visit a residence

Accompanied by the General Manager of one of the Résidences Floralies, you will receive a personalized tour that will allow you to discover all of our accommodations solutions: autonomous, semi-autonomous, respite and convalescence, and nursing home (CHSLD).


They will be happy to take the time to answer all of your questions in order to find the type of accommodation that is best suited to your needs and your situation.

take a decision

At the end of your visit, we will give you an information kit and a personalized life profile. These documents will help you guide your thinking and make an informed decision about your future life plans.


And, of course, we remain available at all times after your visit for any questions or future information you might need.

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