Personalized healthcare services

diagnostic examinations: all normal tests (blood test, urine test, glucose monitoring) are performed weekly at the residence and are then sent to the hospital concerned. These services are free of charge for all of our residents.

external examinations: more sophisticated tests, which require specialized equipment, are performed in a hospital or clinic. If the resident is mobile, we communicate with a family member or significant other so that the resident is accompanied to his medical appointments. Otherwise, suitable transport is available on request.

possible evaluation by the CLSC if required:

  • physical rehabilitation
  • occupational therapy

Quality care on an ongoing basis

In order to adequately meet the needs of residents, whether physical or psychological, and in order to ensure their comfort and safety, Les Résidences Floralies provides them with an interdisciplinary medical team:

doctor: the medical team is headed by a doctor.  A weekly visit is planned for residents who require this service.  In case of an emergency, our doctor can be reached at all times.

nursing director: the nursing director is available to residents, significant others and the healthcare team so that the healthcare offered meets the standards of quality that have been set as well as the condition of each resident.

assistant director: the person holding this post is a nurse whose tasks include, among others, planning the clinical supervision of residents, determining the parameters of clinical observation and establishing and adjusting the therapeutic nursing plan.

nurses and nursing assistants: whether during the day, evening or at night, these healthcare providers are available at all times to care of our residents.  They distribute medications to residents who require assistance, take vital signs, and teach and ensure the safety of the residents.  They assist the residents in their daily activities and, if necessary, in their mobility around the residence.

attendants : these caregivers are focussed on all of the needs of our residents, whether in terms of comfort or at the level of personal hygiene.  Each resident is assigned an attendant who will be his companion and guide and this, as soon as he arrives in his new surroundings.

physical rehabilitation therapist: any resident may obtain the services of this therapist, upon referral from a doctor or physiotherapist.