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IMPORTANT CORRECTIVE : LaPresse+ (March 26th, 2021)


Corrective published in LaPresse+ on March 26th :

In our file published last week on mortality rates in CHSLDs in Quebec, the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) included deaths that occurred in the private residence and intermediate residence section in the death figures for the CHSLD des Floralies-de-LaSalle and Floralies-de-Lachine.

In epidemiological terms, the Ministry only accounts for outbreaks and therefore does not “have to list” the deaths that have occurred in the different sections of the establishment, we are told at the MSSS.

In fact, the number of deaths that occurred strictly in the CHSLD portion of the two establishments is therefore 19 (rather than 27) in the case of Floralies-de-LaSalle and 10 (rather than 16) in the case of Floralies-de-Lachine.

This therefore brings the respective mortality rates of these two establishments to 35 % and 22 %, rather than 54 % and 36 % as we wrote.

Our apologies to the owners and staff of the property, as well as to the families who have loved ones at these establishments.


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