Welcome home

You are you single or part of a couple, and you have decided to live in a residence that will help maintain your independence and improve your quality of life?

You are healthy but you need light support for your daily activities such as meals, cleaning your current home or getting around?

You would like to have the benefits of immediate access to healthcare and specialized personnel?

Come discover Les Résidences Floralies, the only scalable residences* in the area that offer personalized services tailored to your situation.

Note that Les Résidences Floralies  is a member of the ARIHQ,  the Association des Ressources Intermédiaires et d’Hébergement du Québec, whose mandate is to represent residences to the Minister of Health and Social Services.

Our mission : to maintain and prolong your quality of life

Working with you and your family, we create an environment adapted to your current needs by using our knowledge of geriatrics to provide you with personalized services that foster a more humane approach in a climate of trust.

Our multidisciplinary team is at your service to ensure a comfortable and serene environment.

Always concerned with improving your quality of life in accordance with your current capabilities, the Résidences Floralies team makes it a priority to listen attentively to your needs.

Our commitment: providing a safe and peaceful environment

We put all the resources necessary at your disposal to create a peaceful and safe living environment :


Healthcare services

Room service


A scalable residence is a facility that has all the necessary services to support the elderly journey through life, from complete autonomy through to the loss of independence.

The Résidences Floralies’ nursing home CHSLD accreditation offers residents the guarantee of immediate access to health care in order to provide support both in terms of well-being and health as well as from a security point of view.

The Résidences Floralies’ units, designed for independent or semi-autonomous seniors as well as those with a loss of autonomy, facilitate the adaptation of the living environment to the changing physical conditions of the resident, avoiding the necessity of moving and the associated problems of medical follow-up.

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Contact Us

For information about our senior living options:

Accomodation Advisor
1 438 396-6121

To contact senior management:

Résidence Floralies Lachine
France Therrien| Executive Director
1 514 637-0005

Résidences Floralies LaSalle
Marie Rose Nkurunzia | Executive Director
1 514 363-8200


Visit a Residence

When you arrive at the Résidences Floralies, you will be greeted by our placement advisor and given a personalized tour to provide you with an honest assessment of our senior living options: independent and assisted living, respite and convalescence, and CHSLD.

Our advisor will take the time to answer all your questions to help you find the living option best suited to your needs and health condition.


Make a Decision

At the end of your visit, you will be given an information kit and personalized lifestyle profile. These documents will help guide your thinking and assist you in making an informed decision about your future life plans.

If you have any questions or need additional information after the visit, we are always here to help.